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Power of Practice: Isolate to Integrate

How often do you practice something that is an integral part of your life? How often do you give conscious attention to this integral practice?

The power of practice continues to bring more clarity to my life on a daily basis. Isolating to integrate is not something I do and then release, saying “I got it.” Continuing to consciously practice every day is what keeps me on point. This week has been a perfect example.

One of the many practices from the Nia White Belt that are integral to my life is the awareness of my four energy allies. Not taking anything personally, not assuming anything, speaking impeccably, and always doing my best are present with me every day. Practicing them with consciousness sometimes takes an outside push.

Wednesday, I had three sibling millennials in my class who were new to the studio as well as new to Nia, one man and two women. Speaking impeccably, I set the focus for class and gave a 2 minute explanation of Nia, as we gathered in a circle. They were engaged and seemed excited to move with us. We danced the routine Humanity, as I did my best to deliver the Nia promise, a systemic, full body experience. We were moving, shaking and getting a great work-out.

Throughout class, the millennials would suddenly stop moving and go to the back of the room, pick up their phones, and start talking to one another. They would enter and exit the class randomly, laughing and chatting.  The good news? The rest of the class was fully engaged and not bothered by the disruption. Not assuming anything, I continued to teach a full-on class.

45 minutes into class, the millennials left. Did I take it personally? Absolutely not. After 20+ years of teaching and keeping my energy allies with me all the time, I know that I don’t know what they thought, whether they enjoyed class, or whether I will see them again at the studio. While I truly believe that Nia is for everyBody, I also know that people come to Nia when they are ready.

Did I feel sadness around a generation of adults who are so attached to their cell phones that an hour is difficult to let go and truly experience sensations in their body, and the healing power of movement? Absolutely.

Thursday morning came around along with one of my favorite classes to teach, Nia FreeDance at 9:15am. Three different millennials came to class, two who were brand new to Nia FreeDance. Guess what? They LOVED it, and want to include it in their weekly practice!

This morning, I taught Sanctuary, to a room full of lovely beings. Four were experiencing Nia for the first time, three of them visiting from New York and North Texas… and three of them were millennials! After class, the new students stayed after class, and we had an amazing conversation about Nia, the power of movement for healing, and the accessibility of this amazing practice for everyBody… every BODY when they are ready. Yesterday and today’s class of millennials were ready, and they loved the practice. They loved experiencing the magic healing medicine of Nia.

What I know from this week.. I spoke impeccably, did not assume anything, did my best, and did not take anything personally… all while delivering the Nia promise. Did it take 20+ years of teaching to get me there? No. It was giving conscious attention to a practice that is integral to my life, to my health and wellness as a human being.

We are given so many amazing practices in the Nia White Belt. They are true gifts for living, present with our greatest companion and best friend, our body.

Isolate to integrate… a PowerFULL practice.

With love and deep wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday!  Adelle


Shaking is Medicine!

Happy Wednesday!

Did you get my newsletter this week?

Shaking IS medicine… for the body, heart and soul.

Read on my friends…

I have been teaching CELL-ebrate this week, a routine I created for Nia Technique, and one that is available to watch and experience on NiaTV... anytime, and anywhere!

This week has been unique in my delivery. A letting go and truly flowing with MY Body’s Way, and listening to what MY body needs. It has been a personal testament to the power of Nia. An affirmative promise of Nia as a lifestyle practice for everyBODY.

My focus this week, ‘Shaking is Medicine’ has emphasized the importance of shaking our bones to release tension, activate the breath, and strengthen the density of the bones themselves. Beyond the physical, shaking moves emotion, opens spaces for creativity to flow, as well as gives an expansiveness to each individual, the essence of everyBODY.

CELL-ebrate is a routine with simple katas, organized choreography that is sequenced in patterns, as well as true freedom of movement we call Freedance.  A highpoint of this routine is its adaptability for people with movement issues…those in a wheelchair, dealing with injuries, as well as many other challenges that keep people away from ‘exercise.’ It is also a routine that can be enjoyed as a full body ‘workout’ by athletes, both young and old. AND, it can be experienced with all of these diverse populations in the same room, all moving with their bodies ability, with THEIR body’s way.

In this morning’s class, I had a young woman in her early 20’s experiencing Nia for the 2nd time, as well as many men and women of various ages and abilities, including one woman celebrating a 70+ birthday this week. ALL were experiencing Nia 5 Stages, Nia 52 Moves, Nia 7 class cycles,  in THEIR body’s way. ALL experienced the form and freedom of Nia in THEIR body’s way.

Everyone stayed after class to hear more about NiaTV, as well as bask in THEIR body’s sensation.

Nia IS truly for everyBODY. If we as teachers model the potential and possibilities, seeing everyone in their uniqueness and taking the time to be inclusive in our delivery, WE can increase the number of people who love this practice, as well as spread the gift of health and wellness to the world. Yes WE can.

WE can make a difference… one body, one smile, one person at a time… to BE the change.

Don’t hestitate… there is no time like the present.

With deep love, Adelle

Change is THE Only Constant in Life

Good afternoon friends!

Our world is moving at such a fast pace, and nano-seconds can mean change. In reality, change is THE only constant in life…. an oxymoron TRUTH, as experienced by our cellular body. Every 7 years, our cells are completely replaced by new ones. I LOVE that knowledge, encouraging me to move, explore, create and sense change in my body.

This week we are celebrating a fellow Nia Trainer coming to our studio.

Kelle Rae Oien, Nia 52 Moves/IT Trainer

Kelle Rae Oien is the creator of the Nia 52 Moves/IT training, along with Debbie Rosas. Kelle is AWESOME! She is also the creator of one of the latest Nia routines to be released, SACRED.

While many of you have danced SACRED, and might even be teaching it, it is important to remember that staying fresh with change is what keeps us youthful, engaged and open.

Kelle is starting the weekend with a Friday night class at 5:30, teaching an adaptation of her routine SACRED, called PROFANE. It is going to be a wonderful way for all of us to experience change by using moves that are familiar to different music. FUN!

You can use your Synergy card for this class, as well as the Nia 52 Moves/IT classes that Kelle will be teaching over the weekend, Saturday at 9:30 and Sunday at 11:00. ***NOTE: No Sunday Nia 4:00 class***

Have you thought about signing up to take the entire weekend with our dynamic friend? Don’t hesitate! Students, teachers, belts… it is for everyBody. She will not be coming back anytime soon, and life is WAY too short to not take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that come to The Synergy Studio and our community!

Click here for the link to sign up for the weekend!

AND… I will be teaching SACRED this week, in preparation for Kelle’s adaptation. Come brush up or experience for the first time this great routine, then return on Friday at 5:30 for CHANGE, THE only constant in life!

Love in abunDance, Adelle

My classes this week:

Nia: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am


Passion + Courage. Two words that go hand in hand.

“Passion is what drives us crazy, what makes us do extraordinary things, to discover, to challenge ourselves. Passion is and should always be the heart of courage.” ― Midori Komatsu

On Passion and Courage…

When 2017 began, I sent a word up into the ethers, with a poof of smoke. For 11 years, we have had a New Year’s Day event at The Synergy Studio that starts with amazing musicians playing music, goes into intention setting and a burning bowl ceremony, and ends with a FUN-tastic drum and dance circle. We welcome the New Year in style, and this coming year will be no different.

I pick a word every year that comes from a place deep inside me, a place I call Spirit. This year, my word is courage. While I had no idea why the word came, or what it meant for the coming year, it was perfect, as always.

Most of you know that I’m a very passionate person… passion is the reason I get up every day and love what I do. Passion is why I built The Synergy Studio. Passion is what brings a smile to my face and a dance to my heart.

Passion and Courage go hand in hand. As Midori says at the top of this blog, “Passion is and should always be the heart of courage.”

There is a lot more to say about passion and courage in the coming year. Ask yourself what courage and passion mean to you, and bring yourself to the dance floor to move, explore and create, finding answers in your dance.

I found a great article in Psychology Today, on the 6 attributes of courage:

  • Feeling Fear Yet Choosing to Act
  • Following Your Heart
  • Persevering in the Face of Adversity
  • Standing Up for What is Right
  • Expanding Your Horizons; Letting Go of the Familiar
  • Facing Suffering with Dignity or Faith

Read more of this empowering article by clicking here.

See you in class this week! Adelle

“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!” So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


A few more things to share…

I am an Aquarian and my horoscope for today follows. While I’m not very big on reading horoscopes, this one came as a present today encouraging me to stay on the path. Its about passion…

You could notice that your passion for life may heighten your enthusiasm for your activities today. Your enthusiasm might be the result of your desire to engage fully in your life rather than letting things simply happen to you. Giving your undivided attention to everything you do today can help you infuse all of your activities with greater passion. While working, playing sports, or being with your partner, you might take a moment to stop and breathe. This lets you become aware of the present moment. As your awareness develops you can bring your focus to whatever you are doing or the person you are with and reflect upon what it is about that activity or person that energizes you. Understanding what excites you could ignite an even greater feeling of passion.

Learning to appreciate the moment and see what stimulates us kindles our enthusiasm even more. Since passion is a hot emotion that is spontaneous and natural, we do not often pay attention to the deeper feelings it engenders–we simply go along with the flow of our feelings. Taking the time to consider what it is about our passion that keeps us engaged, however, allows us to become more conscious of the true nature of our delight. Knowing this gives us insight into what feeds our spirits and helps us learn how to maintain our enthusiasm. By recognizing what drives you today, you will throw yourself into your activities with more awareness of what inspires you and cultivate a greater zeal for living fully.

Synonyms for the word courage: bravery, courageousness, pluck, pluckiness, valor, fearlessness, intrepidity, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, grit, true grit, hardihood, heroism, gallantry

Two definitions of courage:

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

the courage of one’s convictions, the confidence to act in accordance with one’s beliefs.

What do you think?









Inspiration, Motivation, Creation

As I travel today from the majestic mountains surrounding Crested Butte, Colorado, to the sea level beauty of San Antonio, I am inspired, motivated and ready to let the juices of creativity flow.

There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature shining her light, and reminding me of the simplicity of gratitude that is present all around me. Every moment, every breath, every opportunity to put on new eyes, and say thank you. Eyes that look out, absorbing the beauty and inspiration that motivates me to take the next step forward, doing my best to BE the change that I want to see in the world.

From Santa Fe, and the Men of Nia last weekend, to Crested Butte and the splendor of the Great Mother, I am ready to come home. Dancing with you and sharing the gift of health and wellness, is the greatest gift that I can receive. Thank YOU!

SEE you this week on the dance floor, with both Nia and Yoga as a backdrop for the gratitude that I feel inside.

Love, Adelle

My classes this week:

Nia: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am, Sunday 4:00pm

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am

Yoga: Thursday 12:00pm, Sunday 8:45am



Nia 52 Moves + Nia 5 Stages = 2 FANTASTIC Trainers coming to San Antonio!

Nia Friends!!!! Please read on…

Are you ready to learn, grow, and have fun?

Nia 5 Stages Trainer Laurie Bass!

Nia 52 Moves/Move IT Trainer Kelle Rae!

We have 2 AMAZING fellow Nia Trainers coming to San Antonio, sharing their knowledge and expertise, as we dive deeper into the lifestyle practice we all love so much… Nia!

Sign-ups are happening, so jump in! It really helps ALL of us with planning if you sign up well in advance… me, fellow trainers, and the studio.

Joanie and I have been sooo supported in multiple communities around the world, as we travel teaching Nia FreeDance. Let’s show both Kelle and Laurie that same support!

These two amazing people are the co-creators of Nia 52 Moves/Move IT *Kelle, and Nia 5 Stages *Laurie. It is an honor to have them visit our fantastic community, and beautiful city.

Many of you ask me how we can grow our community at The Synergy Studio… THIS is it! ☺

I have enclosed a flyer from Kelle, and more information about Nia 5 Stages from Laurie, including a video and FAQ’s. These weekends are for teachers as well as students! YOU will learn sooo much from these extraordinary Nia Trainers!

Nia 52 Moves: Kelle Rae Oien, Nia Trainer from Santa Fe, NM! October 28, 29

Nia 5 Stages: Laurie Bass, Nia Trainer from Portland, Oregon! Nov 18, 19

With deep love, Adelle

Keep reading! 🙂

Here is a GREAT article and video to link to: What are the Nia 5 STAGES?

5 STAGES FAQ’s Answers to common questions….

Q. Is the 5 STAGES for me? A. This training is for everybody with a desire to move with a fluid, graceful ease for life. Whether you are a Nia teacher, belt grad or mover of any modality, it is the perfect accompaniment for any movement, fitness or sport practice. It will enhance any profession – movement or otherwise. For lovers of movement and the body, the study of the body’s way of anatomy in motion. It is for able-bodies who can move from the ground up. You will be trained to teach adaptations.

Q. Beyond the Nia teacher, practitioner or movement lover, who is the 5 STAGES training ideal for? A. Professionals in the health, wellness, therapy, rehab and somatic fields have taken the training to engage in a personal practice and add professional skills.

Q. Will we be moving for the entire day? A. No. The Training is beautifully paced, alternating between movement sessions and discussion times designed to give our bodies a chance to rest and recharge. Honor your body by self-guiding and adapting. Students have successfully completed 5 STAGES while while healing medical conditions that necessitated limited movement. Your unique pace is perfect.

Q. Is there Pre-training? A. Optional to prepare before or review after: a self-paced study that includes reading material, 2 dvds and cd sessions with Debbie Rosas – creator – on the architecture, energy flow, body’s way anatomy and voice. I will have extra sets if you sign up close to the date. It is rich in content to put you at ease.

Q. Is there a test? A. No. However, there are self-assessments that you may complete at home to hone the language of the practice as well as your knowledge. Q. How do I know if I’m ready to do 5 STAGES? A. If you’ve gotten this far, that’s a sure sign that you ARE ready . Truly. You are. As is. No matter your exposure or experience.

Q. Can I become a 5 STAGES teacher? A. Upon completion of all sessions, you become a 5 STAGES graduate. In the Nia system, graduates who are current Livelihood Members are automatically licensed to teach. A dedicated 5 STAGES license is available to non-livelihood members ($170) and gives you access to a comprehensive post-training program.

Q. What is the GREATEST personal benefit? A. #1, you will have developed a life practice to increase the power, pleasure and grace of living in your body. #2 The 52 post-training Lesson Plans as a somatic self-study is phenomenal. #3 Like all Nia trainings, all practices translate into lifestyle tools.

Q. What is the GREATEST professional benefit? A. #1 – physical sustainability. #2 – mastery of your voice. #3 To enhance your Nia teaching (greater access to physical pearls) or any profession, as well as the way you communicate in your life.

Q. Got a Q that isn’t covered? A. Shoot me an e-mail ( and I will answer. How to register 1. Register at NiaNow with 50% of the tuition by clicking: (INFO + REGISTER ) 2. You will be invoiced for the other 50% (instruction fee) by Laurie

Links to sign up!

Nia 52 Moves/Move IT with Kelle

Nia 5 Stages with Laurie


Man of Nia

What does it mean to be a man of Nia?

This last weekend was one of the most inspirational that I have ever experienced. I attended the ‘Men of Nia’ event in Santa Fe, where men from all over the United States gathered to teach Nia, and connect with one another in community. It was a beautiful balance of Yang and Yin, as the classes and workshops were equally attended by both men and women.

One evening, there was a panel discussion with 12 men who teach Nia. It was an incredible, honest, open and vulnerable exchange. I kept saying to myself, “THIS needs to be filmed.” I was not the only one who had that thought. It was an amazingly touching evening.

Nia was founded by both Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas. From the beginning, there was a balance of of both the masculine and feminine, with both of them contributing to the magic of the transformational lifestyle practice we call Nia.

Join me this week, as we dance some classics by Carlos, in honor of the first Man of Nia.

We need to open the door for more men to experience the healing power of Nia. The time is now.

BE the change.

With love, Adelle

Spiral in, Spiral out, Spiral onward

“The whole Universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.” John Hartford

The Synergy Studio logo

I love spirals and the symbology of this amazing shape that is all around us. It is why I chose the spiral when I was designing The Synergy Studio logo.

Spirals are a common shape found in nature, as well as in sacred architecture. In the natural world, we find spirals in the DNA double helix, sunflowers, the path of draining water, weather patterns (including hurricanes), vine tendrils, galaxies, shells, whirlpools, ferns and algae.

Look at a cross section of red cabbage and you will see spirals.

Look at your fingertip, where you would make a fingerprint, and you will see a spiral.

Spirals are everywhere in our body.  We have over 700 muscles in our body that spiral around our bones giving us infinite ways to move and heal our body.

Our bones spiral as well.  We have 2 unique bones in our body called the ulna and the radius, our forearm bones, that are the only 2 bones in our body that spiral and roll over each other.

Spirals create. Spirals move energy. Spirals heal.

Let’s spiral this week… in, out and onward.

See you on the dance floor of life,


“Even the shape of your hair at the crown of your head…a spiral. Spirals seem to permeate many diverse natural formations: inorganic and organic, lifeless and alive, non-conscious and conscious.” Sam Wolfe

~~~The Fibonacci numbers are Nature’s numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, or the scales of a pineapple~~~

Play vs. Work ???

PLAYtime on Saturday: Nia FreeDance class!

Are you ready to play?

There are numerous articles about the power and importance of play in our lives. I encourage you to google ‘power of play’ and read on… it definitely encouraged me to re-think how I incorporate daily play, and how important it is to my health and wellness.

Many would say the opposite of play is work. Hmmm…. I feel that work really isn’t the opposite of play. Play is anything that you do for fun, and if you choose wisely and follow your skills, work and play can quickly become synonyms, not antonyms.

For me, learning is fun. Advancing my skills is fun. Even doing things that might be called mistakes are learning experiences for me. So that leads me to the question…

What is the opposite of play for you?

For me, it would be boredom. I have never experienced that feeling, being truly bored. I love to take situations, shift my view of them and create something to learn, something that feels like playing. I remember asking my children the same… are you really bored or is there something you can play with at this moment?

Are you ready to play?

Whooop!!!!! I am!

We have a FUN week ahead at The Synergy Studio!

Jason Allen Griffin, aka JAG, is returning for two classes, and a FUN Ying/Yang PLAYshop!

Jason is a Nia 1° Degree Black Belt, living in Seattle and traveling the US. For many years, he has traveled teaching in different Nia communities, spreading his magical, clear and FUN classes that are a gift to experience.

On Wednesday, Jason will be teaching his routine AMAZING during the 9:15 class. He created this routine with 13 communities across the US, including Texas

*Use your class card for this special class!*

Also on Wednesday, he will be teaching a FUN Ying/Yang PLAYshop from 5:30-7:30. You will not want to miss this exploration, as Jason guides you to a deeper understanding of these energies that we all have, and how we can balance them with awareness and movement. The PLAYshop is $25. It helps me to sign up in advance by clicking here!

AND… Thursday morning at 9:15, Jason will be team teaching the Nia FreeDance class with Todd! It will be a fabulous dive into the balance of Ying/Yang  as we PLAY with these Nia FreeDance teachers! *Use your Synergy card for this class too!*

Come one, come all… COME to all! We are so excited to experience Jason’s gifts again. Thank you for coming back to San Antonio JAG!


Our quarterly Drum and Dance Celebration is THIS SUNDAY, at 1:00pm. Talk  about PLAYING!!!! It is an absolute BLAST! Sign up here to reserve your place and save some $! 

Click here to sign up for the Ying/Yang Playshop!

Click here to read more about AMAZING!!!

Click here to sign up to DANCE and DRUM with us!

Click here to read more about Jason!

Click here to explore!

Let’s get on with the work?! Kick up your heals and PLAY away my friends!


A link to begin PLAYing with all the encouraging information available…


Time for grounding!

As news poured in this week, we planned…

Today, 8 Nia teachers and a BIG class of students gathered to Dance and Donate. It was a fantastic dance and we raised over $1000 for the San Antonio and Houston Food Banks. THANK YOU! My heart is smiling ☺







How are you doing this moment? What are you doing to be present and open to possibilities? The first thing I do is take a deep breath, exhale, and sense my FEET touching the Earth. Sensing the ground underneath me truly grounds ME, and that brings my body and breath into the present moment. From that place, I can be relaxed, alert, and waiting.

Think about this…

“Your foot is a masterful network of approximately 33 joints, 26 bones and morethan 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. You have more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, constantly sending messages throughout your body. Today, you will take about 6,000 steps. By age 70, your feet will have logged over 70,000 miles.” ~an excerpt from article by Debbie Rosas, co-creator of Nia.

Are you ready to ground? Bring your feet to class this week, all 33 joints, 26 bones, and 100 muscles x 2!

My feet can’t wait to dance with yours! 

See you soon, Adelle

My classes this week:

Nia: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9:15am,  Friday 9:15am, Sunday 4:00

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am

Yoga: Thursday 12:00pm, Sunday 8:45am

ps. Read more of Debbie’s article here

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