On an exquisite day in San Antonio, Texas, I find myself once again at Starbucks. My favorite place to office, I come here almost daily, working through the afternoon as I enJoy unlimited green tea and great internet.

What is the real reason I continue to office at Starbucks? People. I love people. That is funny coming from an introvert. Last year, when visiting Portland, Oregon, I was introduced to the Starbucks yummy ‘light ice, no sugar added’ green tea by my dear friend and Nia colleague, Laurie Bass. Upon returning to San Antonio, I began my search for the perfect location. After my first experience of seeing people I knew and meeting many new faces, I knew I was in the right place. ♥️

I’ve had conversations with the mayor of our beautiful city, people who recognized me as ‘The Synergy Studio owner’, people who were new to the area, as well as those who I’ve known for many years. I can put on ear buds and smile at people without getting into a conversation, or engage the person next to me, offering them a card and some words about Nia®, Transformational Breath®, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Drum Circles, Salsa, JourneyDance, special workshops… any and all that we offer at the studio. When I’m in the mood, I don’t hold back! ♥️

I have a mantra, “BE the change that WE want to see in the world.” Yes, it is borrowed, and yes, I pass it on daily. How are WE going to make a difference otherwise?

No advice here, just wisdom. Don’t hold back from the world. Speak of your passions, your desires, your affirmations, and I guarantee that positive energy will ignite inside you, as well as around you. AbunDance will be yours.

My word for the studio? IGNITE. My personal word for my life? ABUNDANCE. Live from the place of IGNITE-ing ABUNDANCE, and your life will change. Guess what? You will bring the world with you! ♥️

Oh! And stop by a Starbucks with your computer and personal cup. They have unlimited green tea and unlimited possibilities to explore! ♥️