Be the Change 🌀

‘Be the Change’ is one of my favorite mantras. It represents my passion for BEing, rather than just talking, complaining, blaming, or deflecting. BEing to me means taking responsibility, speaking up, and taking action.

On Friday, I was brought to my knees. Through our non-profit, The Synergy Studio Community, I was asked to teach a ‘Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness’ class as a guest instructor at one of our High Schools. Their amazing teacher had planned a beautiful early morning, enticing the young adults to arrive at school early, take the class with me, and then enjoy homemade overnight oats, fresh muffins and water.

I arrived at 7:15 am, and set up for the 7:30 class in the gym, where we were moved from our planned outdoor location, due to the weather. As the young people strolled in, ranging from 15-18 years old, I observed their body language and interaction. What I saw were ‘masked faces.’ While they all wore the required cloth masks, I observed expressionless eyes, no movement of their foreheads, no smizing, and no laughter. I sensed my tears welling up inside, as I felt the weight of the last year on these young lives. Delivering the promise of a great experience magnified in importance.

With an inspirational playlist, I taught the class led by spirit. I encouraged them to move, explore, breathe, sound, emote, create and express gratitude for their best friend, their body. As the 40 minute class progressed, I saw their faces mold, shape, smile, and their bodies morph into expressive movement. I heard sounding, laughter, and observed the exchange and interaction between friends. I saw children, BEing children. At the end of class, I encouraged them to set a focus as ‘peaceful warriors of love.’ They all let out a “Whoop!” Little did I know that their school mascot was Warriors! 🤩

I am more impassioned than ever. We are experiencing a re-emerging of life, as we crawl out of the last year of lock-down. As adults, we know how difficult the last year has been, personally, professionally, socially and otherwise. We have seen a lot of life and we know that there is light at the other end. It is time to turn our attention to the children and young people who need our encouragement, guidance, understanding, love and listening ears.

The Synergy Studio Community is moving forward with our mission, and I am more determined than ever to walk the talk, to BE the Change… taking responsibility, speaking up and taking action.

Join me. 🙏🏻

To find out more, and to donate to our mission, click here! 🙏🏻🌀❤️

Join our Facebook group, where we offer free mini classes, tips for health and wellness, and positive thoughts! Click here

Bring it on!

Pulsing Passion 2gether! ❤️

In this week of love, I’m delving deeper into my purpose, my passion, my gifts. I manifest. I build community. I bring people together.

My life purpose? To open pathways of healing, paved in love. ❤️

I love nature. I love animals. I love you. I love…. Period. Why are we so afraid to say, “I love you?”

Now is all we have my friends. Even if I don’t know you, I love you. Love is what will change the world. Love IS the change that we want to see… that we want to BE in the world.

There is no other choice.

Say “I love you” to at least one person a day. Smile at a stranger. Greet the person walking on the other side of the street. My mantra… Acknowledge everyBody.

Let’s do this.

Join me in class! Where?

P.S. Have I told you today that I love you? I do! ❤️

Get funky! Dress, Dance, and BE life!

There is just something about our commUnity. We love funky dance clothes!

We carry a lot of unique clothing at The Synergy Studio. Clothing that can be worn for Yoga, Nia, Pilates, other classes, as well as to Starbucks, to work… or even a special dinner out. Every single time I wear my ‘movement clothing’ out somewhere, I get compliments. While the compliments are nice, the most important thing to me is comfort. Movement clothes are comfortable!

It’s fun to wear bell bottoms, bright colors, leggings, leg warmers, arm gloves and head bands. It’s fun to be different! I love looking out and seeing the uniqueness of everyBody in class, the smiles, the laughter, AND the fun clothes.

Check out some of the styles we have at the studio! Favorites are our leggings, harem pants + convertible jumpsuits, and rompers, all from Harem Pants in Thailand. Other favorites are the wonderful ponchos and leggings from Jala Clothing.

Come on in! We offer so many classes… something for everybody! We are even offering a FUN Salsa class, in a 5-week series beginning Wednesday, March 18, from 7:00-9:00pm. Click here to check it out!

AND… Arthur Hull is coming back to The Synergy Studio! Get ready for a FUN Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop! The master teacher of Drum Circles in the United States, we are lucky to have Arthur back. Sign up to hold your spot!

I can’t wait to see you and give you a hug! And if you feel like it, wear something funky, something different, and BE the unique YOU that you are!

Soul of Jiva Clothing from Sweden!

Why do I office at Starbucks?

On an exquisite day in San Antonio, Texas, I find myself once again at Starbucks. My favorite place to office, I come here almost daily, working through the afternoon as I enJoy unlimited green tea and great internet.

What is the real reason I continue to office at Starbucks? People. I love people. That is funny coming from an introvert. Last year, when visiting Portland, Oregon, I was introduced to the Starbucks yummy ‘light ice, no sugar added’ green tea by my dear friend and Nia colleague, Laurie Bass. Upon returning to San Antonio, I began my search for the perfect location. After my first experience of seeing people I knew and meeting many new faces, I knew I was in the right place. ♥️

I’ve had conversations with the mayor of our beautiful city, people who recognized me as ‘The Synergy Studio owner’, people who were new to the area, as well as those who I’ve known for many years. I can put on ear buds and smile at people without getting into a conversation, or engage the person next to me, offering them a card and some words about Nia®, Transformational Breath®, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Drum Circles, Salsa, JourneyDance, special workshops… any and all that we offer at the studio. When I’m in the mood, I don’t hold back! ♥️

I have a mantra, “BE the change that WE want to see in the world.” Yes, it is borrowed, and yes, I pass it on daily. How are WE going to make a difference otherwise?

No advice here, just wisdom. Don’t hold back from the world. Speak of your passions, your desires, your affirmations, and I guarantee that positive energy will ignite inside you, as well as around you. AbunDance will be yours.

My word for the studio? IGNITE. My personal word for my life? ABUNDANCE. Live from the place of IGNITE-ing ABUNDANCE, and your life will change. Guess what? You will bring the world with you! ♥️

Oh! And stop by a Starbucks with your computer and personal cup. They have unlimited green tea and unlimited possibilities to explore! ♥️

IGNITE Five Sensations for Health + Wellness! ♥️

IGNITE! The new Nia Routine by master choreographer Ann Christiansen!

In Nia, we talk about the ‘5 Sensations of Functional Fitness.’ Bringing awareness of these five sensations into our daily life, we can activate them in any given moment. They are all present in our body. An acronym to remember them… FAMSS!

Flexibility… the sensation of energy moving out along the bones, opening and creating space for change. ♥️

Agility… the sensation of energy starting and stopping, like the movements of a child, quick and explosive. ♥️

Mobility… the sensation of energy in constant motion, flowing like a river; like the movement of every cell in our body. ♥️

Strength… the sensation of energy moving in, complementing Flexibility as muscles contract and we say, “Yes! This is my body!” ♥️

Stability… the sensation of energy moving in all directions, complementing Mobility. The mama of all sensations, stability allows us to stand upright, to reach out our hand, to dance, to walk, all without falling into gravity. ♥️

We can IGNITE these sensations not only in our body, but also in our emotions, our mind, and our spirit, keeping all 4 realms healthy and balanced.

As I am learning the magnificent new Nia routine by Ann Christiansen, I am focusing on these sensations, adding one or two every week. Adding a sensation(s), I am also adding one or two more songs to my playlist. Combining the unfamiliar with the familiar, creating ease in the student’s, as well as my realms. No rushing. No need to get it right. Lots of smiles, laughter and “Well, oops… let that go and freedance! We’ll come back to the movement when the teacher remembers it!”

It has been a magical way of incorporating this amazing routine into not only my body, but also the students’. I am cherishing seeing them learn the katas and many times cueing me with the next sequence. 

Sharing my creative process of the playlists below. enJoy! My wish for you is to IGNITE ease, smiles, laughter, grace, and armfuls of love! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Week one was all about Agility!
Week two? Complementary energies of Mobility + Stability!
This week is having fun with the complements of Flexibility + Strength!

Next week? IGNITE-ing the FUN of the routine, loose + tight!

IGNITE-ing Love… let’s BE the change! Adelle ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

2020: Year of Ignite!

For 15 years, I have named the year for The Synergy Studio. I wait patiently for the mandate from Spirit. ♥️

This year’s mandate came from the brand new Nia routine that was just released yesterday, December 31, 2019. The name of Ann Christianson’s masterful work is ‘IGNITE.’ Perfect.

IGNITE! Nia Routine by Ann Christiansen

What positive intentions can you IGNITE this year? There are endless possibilities…

Ignite gratitude. ♥️

Ignite inclusiveness. ♥️

Ignite abundance. ♥️

Ignite compassion. ♥️

Ignite breath. ♥️

Ignite joy. ♥️

Ignite awareness. ♥️

Ignite passion. ♥️

Ignite intuition. ♥️

Ignite creativity. ♥️

Ignite transformation. ♥️

Ignite courage. ♥️

Ignite kindness. ♥️

Ignite peace. ♥️

Ignite love. ♥️

And the list goes on… and on… and on. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Everyday, we have the opportunity to begin our day with positive affirmations that will raise the vibration and carry us through the day ♥️ BE-ing the change. BE-ing a sacred athlete who walks his/her talk, who stands up for others, who gives without a need for return, making a difference moment to moment. The smallest gestures of kindness can make another person’s day. If we make choices based in love, we will IGNITE a positive flow of energy that will BE the change. ♥️

The time is now. We have no other time but NOW.

Let’s do this! 2020: Year of Ignite! The Synergy Studio

I am deeply grateful for the many practices that hold me up, raise my vibration, and encourage me to share with the world… Nia, Transformational Breath, Yoga, and many more.

Thank you all!

With love we continue. ♥️ Onward, Inward and Upward 2020! Adelle ♥️♥️♥️

Transformational Breath® Affirmation Cards!

Have you seen our new location?

We love it!

Come on in!

Come see us!
701 North Alamo, St. 2, San Antonio, Texas, 78215

Beautiful clothing from Harem Pants! We just got in this wonderful Thai Romper… cool, comfortable, stylish and FUN!

Yin/Yang, In/Out, Body/Spirit, Balance!

We are all spirits embodied in flesh, here to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. In the balance of everyday, we must also find the time to take care of ourselves, nurturing the duality of who we are. Honoring the Yin as well as the Yang.

Wonderful Spirits from our Nia FreeDance weekend in Santa Fe!

I hope you will join me and others this week in class, as we find internal balance that is essential to existence, BE-ing present with the messages that our body sends us. Balancing in/out, strength/flexibility, up/down, body/spirit are all ways to recognize the necessity of taking care of ourselves, so we can also be of service to others. Yin/Yang.

Shining Light BE-ings from a Transformational Breath® experience!

When we go to a class or participate in a physical activity in the company of others, we nurture not only our body, but also our spirit. Nurturing our soul surrounded by people who support us on our path, even if we choose to be quiet, feeds the essence of who we are, as human BE-ings.

SEE you soon dear friends!


My classes this week:

Nia: Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am

Nia FreeDance: Tuesday 9:15am, Thursday 9:15am

Yoga: Thursday 12:00pm, Sunday 8:45am

New! Triad Conditioning: TaijiFit, Nia, Yoga!: Sunday 4:00pm

DRUM CIRCLE SUNDAY! 2:00… Bring friends!

More from Madisyn Taylor, of DailyOm, on duality, and balancing body/spirit:


Our bodies are living, breathing expressions of our consciousness and
should be treated as such.
Striking the right balance between our physical and spiritual aspects is one
of the most challenging aspects of existence. We are dual beings by nature,
spiritual entities bound to earth by physical bodies. In our lifetimes, we are
charged with the duty of nurturing and tending both with equal devotion
and love. Yet while both aspects of the self are deserving of honor and
respect, there is a tendency for people who are more spiritually focused to
ignore, avoid, or dismiss their bodies. Similarly, many individuals are
entirely ensconced in the carnal realm and pay no attention to the needs of
the soul. In both cases, an adjustment is in order. We are whole only to the
degree that we embrace both sides of our beings. 

If the soul is the inward manifestation of our consciousness, the body is the
living, breathing expression of that consciousness. The physical self provides the home in which the spiritual self takes root and flourishes. Just as we
must tend to the seed of the soul to ensure that it grows strong, so, too, must we care for the protective shell that is the body to make certain it is capable of playing its role in our development. Though there will no doubt be times
in our lives when we feel more comfortable focusing on the spiritual self or
the physical self, denying the fundamental importance of one or the other
can lead to ill health, emotional distress, and a sense of incompleteness.
Both facets of the human experience play a vital role in our well-being. 

The body and the soul are the yin and yang of our current reality. They are,
at this point of human evolution, irreparably bound together, and many
spiritual teachers agree that the body is one of the greatest vehicles through which to access the soul. In fact, many believe that our spirit has chosen to be embodied as an essential part of our spiritual development.
Consequently, it is the responsibility of each person on the planet to forge
a marriage between the two, so that these disparate aspects bring out the
best in each other, creating a vibrant, dynamic, and workable whole.

‘Many Hands Make Light Work!’ Alchemists Unite!

As happens often in the world of light, hope, love and gratitude, an article auto-magically appeared in my email box this morning. After an amazing week immersed in Nia 2nd Degree Black Belt, ‘Art of Alchemy’, my heart smiled as I read the headline.

I receive both the Rivard Report and the San Antonio Express-News electronically everyday. I peruse the headlines, reading some articles that catch my eye, saving others for later, and filtering through the dark energy of many. Knowing the presence of polarities, I see the importance of Yang/Yin, dark/light, wrong/right, while understanding the alchemy that happens in the both/and

Being a warrior who questions all, I live my life in both/and. It is my purpose to open pathways for healing paved in love. I cannot do that in an either/or world. Listening to the silence, I hear the magic of sound, and all the nuances in between. Walking in the dark, I see the light, and the beauty of color that emerges in the middle.

I hope you will join me this week, as we celebrate my 60th revolution around the sun, Tuesday, January 29 at 6:30pm.         

Drop by The Synergy Studio, for a beverage, a bite and bit of alchemy. Seeing you and being in commUnity is the greatest gift of all. Love donations to our non-profit, The Synergy Studio Community, will help us move our floors as we step forward into a bright future, BEing the alchemists of light and spreading the magic of love. The Synergy Studio is a healing space for everyBody.

Bring the high vibration of breath into your life by joining us this next weekend for Breath and Movement™, an introductory weekend to Transformational Breath®. Experience Friday night only, or the entire weekend. We have room for you! Click here to read more.

My classes this week will focus on the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Ether, with an intent to experience the alchemy in your Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

Nia FreeDance: Tuesday 9:15am, Thursday 9:15am

Nia: Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am, Sunday 4:00pm

Yoga: Thursday 12:00pm, Sunday 8:45am

Alchemy with fellow Nia Trainers!

With a heart filled with light, love and gratitude for you, Adelle

See the link below to the thought-filled article about living with both/and, as well as a scanned copy.
Living with’both/and’ in an pedantic world of ‘either/or

We live in a world full of polarities and reconciling these opposites is often perplexing.

Well, which is it — “out of sight, out of mind” or “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

Come on now and choose. It has to be one or the other, right? Maybe, maybe not. False dichotomies, false dilemmas or false choices are fallacies that dictate an “either/or” position without allowances for other positions. This type of faulty reasoning seems prevalent in the world today. “You’re either with us or against us.”

Really, says who?

The late author Robert Fulgrum was probably best known for his book “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten,” but he also wrote one called “Maybe, Maybe Not.” In it, he explored, among other things, this idea of pairs of opposites. He recounted that at times teaching art, he would wear two buttons, one on each side of his smock. One said, “Trust Me, I’m a Teacher” and the other said, “Question Authority.”

Consider these pairs of proverbs or sayings. Look before you leap/he who hesitates is lost; better safe than sorry/nothing ventured nothing gained; don’t judge a book by its cover/clothes make the man; the squeaky wheel gets the grease/silence is golden; many hands make light work/too many cooks spoil the broth.

At first they appear contradictory, but upon further examination we see that context is key. These statements are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Instead of “either/or,” perhaps we should consider “both/and.”

Of course, under highly defined conditions there are mutually exclusive instances. For example, heads or tails in coin tosses and odd or even numbers. Someone might think that “night and day” would be an example also, but what about twilight and dawn?

We live in a world full of polarities, and reconciling these opposites is often perplexing. We use pattern recognition, comparing and contrasting to help navigate our lives. Most people are at least cursorily familiar with the Taoist symbol of universal opposites yin and yang, the circle of two “fishes” of black and white flowing from and into one another. Without going into a lengthy discussion of the properties of the elements, this symbol represents the interdependency of opposites.

One note, however, is that the contrasting dot, or “eye,” in each section represents the seed or potential of the other in each side. Thus this symbol illustrates how any pair of opposites can also be both/and instead of only either/or.

There are some people who, if they started reading this column, probably stopped before this point. They have little tolerance for the ideas contained here, which they would likely characterize as “fuzzy” thinking. They are straight and precise. Their paths are clear and exclusive of the other. The concept of either/or suits their mien.

Their existence is natural and proper. These people are the “yang” side to the “yin” of other people who are more holistic and favor the idea of both/and.

So class, your assignment, due in one week, is an essay (1,000 word minimum) with proper citations comparing and contrasting the philosophies of dualism and Monism.

Have a nice weekend!

John Eubanks is author of the book “Life Support of Another Sort,” and a former teacher and actor who lives in Converse. He can be reached at

Celebrate Life!

We are Celebrating Life again for our 12th Annual New Year’s Day Ceremonial Celebration!

Intentions sent up and out!

With musicians playing the Hong, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, and Rain Stick, we will set our intentions during a meditation/reflection time. After putting our intentions on paper, they will be ‘flash’ burned and sent up to the Universe… and then???? A ROCKING Drum and Dance Circle!

Join us by signing up here

January 1, 2019

2:00-3:30 pm

$25/advance, $30/door

Our Story!

Read more about our upcoming events! FUN is IN THE HOUSE! Click here!

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