For 15 years, I have named the year for The Synergy Studio. I wait patiently for the mandate from Spirit. ♥️

This year’s mandate came from the brand new Nia routine that was just released yesterday, December 31, 2019. The name of Ann Christianson’s masterful work is ‘IGNITE.’ Perfect.

IGNITE! Nia Routine by Ann Christiansen

What positive intentions can you IGNITE this year? There are endless possibilities…

Ignite gratitude. ♥️

Ignite inclusiveness. ♥️

Ignite abundance. ♥️

Ignite compassion. ♥️

Ignite breath. ♥️

Ignite joy. ♥️

Ignite awareness. ♥️

Ignite passion. ♥️

Ignite intuition. ♥️

Ignite creativity. ♥️

Ignite transformation. ♥️

Ignite courage. ♥️

Ignite kindness. ♥️

Ignite peace. ♥️

Ignite love. ♥️

And the list goes on… and on… and on. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Everyday, we have the opportunity to begin our day with positive affirmations that will raise the vibration and carry us through the day ♥️ BE-ing the change. BE-ing a sacred athlete who walks his/her talk, who stands up for others, who gives without a need for return, making a difference moment to moment. The smallest gestures of kindness can make another person’s day. If we make choices based in love, we will IGNITE a positive flow of energy that will BE the change. ♥️

The time is now. We have no other time but NOW.

Let’s do this! 2020: Year of Ignite! The Synergy Studio

I am deeply grateful for the many practices that hold me up, raise my vibration, and encourage me to share with the world… Nia, Transformational Breath, Yoga, and many more.

Thank you all!

With love we continue. ♥️ Onward, Inward and Upward 2020! Adelle ♥️♥️♥️

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