In this era of divisiveness, its time to come together, sharing what we love, and co-creating CHANGE.

I’ve long been a believer in integrating multiple inspirational practices, adding them to my life so I can learn and grow. In addition, I love sharing them with people, as well as encouraging them to experience and learn from the MANY amazing healing modalities offered around the world.



Nia, Transformational Breath®, Nia FreeDance, Village Music Circles, Yoga, 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, JourneyDance, ChakraDance, Taijifit … the list goes on and on. How many have you heard of, seen or experienced?



With my love of bringing commUNITY together, I don’t hesitate to talk to others about these amazing practices, whether sitting on a airplane (which I do often!), standing in the grocery line, or attending a black tie affair. It always starts with a smile, then the question, “How are you?”, followed by a gentle segue into what I’ve been integrating into my life. Inevitably, the people I’m chatting with say, “Wow, that is awesome. Tell me more.” Many times, it is followed by, “Where can I find this? I want to do it!” Out comes a card.

Some would say that this is marketing, As owner of The Synergy Studio for 15 years, being a Nia Trainer as well as a Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer, and also a Yoga instructor, YES it is! IT is MUCH bigger than simply marketing.

It is about BE-ing the change that I want to see in the world. It is about sensing the need to return to simplicity, and our connection to others. It is about my belief that we are all light-beings, shape-shifters who have a desire to make a difference. It is about my passion for our human race, our humanity.

WE need to come together and share, integrating these amazing practices that we sense for ourselves and want for others. WE need to work together, to be the change that WE want to see in the world.

On Thursday this week, during my weekly Nia FreeDance class, I had two brand-new-to-Nia young mothers. They were told by another young mother that they ‘had to come, let it go, and do something for themselves.’ They were both in tears throughout class, tears of joy. THAT is the change that is needed in our world, emotional flow, truth-telling, and living from the heart.

Friday evening, I was honored to attend the first-ever teaching experience by someone who walked into her initial Nia class with me three years ago. She was coming out of a yoga class at the studio and heard laughter from the other space. After investigating, she joined us, and her transformation began. Three years later, and many classes in both Nia and Nia FreeDance, this ‘Intuitive Pediatric’ Physician began to explore other movement modalities. Her first class last night was her step into the waters, teaching a beginning Conscious Dance series. She had 15 people attend! Thank you to the world of Conscious Dance with over 100 iterations, and Mark Metz, the connector. Check out what he just published this week about the studio. Deep gratitude Mark!

I also encourage you to read this Intuitive Pediatric’s blog on Conscious Dance.

As I look forward to a week of teaching Nia, Nia FreeDance and Yoga classes daily,  I am pumped! I am even MORE excited about the special class I’m teaching early Wednesday morning at 6:15am. Fifty scientists, nutritionists and physical therapists are coming to the studio from the National Cattlemen’s Association convention. They emailed me about teaching an early morning yoga class, and after speaking with passion about all that we offer at the studio, they decided they wanted it all… Nia, Yoga, Breath. I’ll sneak in other practices too. An hour with 50 brand-new people who are studying the importance of protein for health, their findings to be published in the future.

All it took was a smile, a question as I listened, and then a segue into my passion.

My passion for humanity and all that WE can offer for BE-ing the change.

It DOES take a village. In fact, it takes a Universe.

Join me! With love, Adelle

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