Where’s the fun? A question that one of my greatest mentors used to ask.

Carlos Aya Rosas, co-founder of Nia Technique, was famous for this statement, especially in moments when  it seemed non-existent. Laughter always followed the question!


FUN is always with us. When we notice the smallest of delights… the morning reflection of the rising sun on the trees, the big eyes of a child staring at us in a restaurant, the wiggle of a baby when he hears music, the snuggle of a dachshund under the covers in the middle of the night… small delights that are FUN!

I’ve been focusing a lot in the last month on setting positive intentions in motion, as well as the ‘issues in our tissues’ discussing our fascia. They are all inter-related, and we can add FUN into the mix.


When I move my body, do my 100 Breaths to Joy in the morning, or even when I’m in shavasana or sukasana in yoga,  I can sense energy running through my tissues. This sensation is one that is coming from my fascia. When I acknowledge this sensation with gratitude, saying a positive intention such as “I am flowing with ease,” I feel a warm, uplifting lightness, and I say… “THIS is fun!” Sometimes I even laugh out loud!

Intention + Gratitude = Fascia FUN. My new mantra!

Did you miss the link to the amazing German documentary on the Fascia (*connective tissue) in your body? It is a MUST see! You will be amazed. Here is the link again, as promised!

We are having FUN Drum Circles twice a month at The Synergy Studio! With an upcoming 4-week Intro to Yoga Series, Nia FreeDance Weekend, Breath and Movement® Weekend, Saxophone Soundbath EveningNia White Belt,  and more on the horizon (a FUN retreat to Mexico!)… WE are not lacking in FUN at The Synergy Studio. Join us to feel warm, uplifting lightness, and you just might laugh out loud!

Bring your FUN to class this week and next… let’s play!

Where’s the FUN? Answer: It is coded in your body.

With love, Adelle                                                                                                                    P.S. Check out my previous post about play vs. work: https://adellebrewer.com/2017/09/play-vs-work/

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