PLAYtime on Saturday: Nia FreeDance class!

Are you ready to play?

There are numerous articles about the power and importance of play in our lives. I encourage you to google ‘power of play’ and read on… it definitely encouraged me to re-think how I incorporate daily play, and how important it is to my health and wellness.

Many would say the opposite of play is work. Hmmm…. I feel that work really isn’t the opposite of play. Play is anything that you do for fun, and if you choose wisely and follow your skills, work and play can quickly become synonyms, not antonyms.

For me, learning is fun. Advancing my skills is fun. Even doing things that might be called mistakes are learning experiences for me. So that leads me to the question…

What is the opposite of play for you?

For me, it would be boredom. I have never experienced that feeling, being truly bored. I love to take situations, shift my view of them and create something to learn, something that feels like playing. I remember asking my children the same… are you really bored or is there something you can play with at this moment?

Are you ready to play?

Whooop!!!!! I am!

We have a FUN week ahead at The Synergy Studio!

Jason Allen Griffin, aka JAG, is returning for two classes, and a FUN Ying/Yang PLAYshop!

Jason is a Nia 1° Degree Black Belt, living in Seattle and traveling the US. For many years, he has traveled teaching in different Nia communities, spreading his magical, clear and FUN classes that are a gift to experience.

On Wednesday, Jason will be teaching his routine AMAZING during the 9:15 class. He created this routine with 13 communities across the US, including Texas

*Use your class card for this special class!*

Also on Wednesday, he will be teaching a FUN Ying/Yang PLAYshop from 5:30-7:30. You will not want to miss this exploration, as Jason guides you to a deeper understanding of these energies that we all have, and how we can balance them with awareness and movement. The PLAYshop is $25. It helps me to sign up in advance by clicking here!

AND… Thursday morning at 9:15, Jason will be team teaching the Nia FreeDance class with Todd! It will be a fabulous dive into the balance of Ying/Yang  as we PLAY with these Nia FreeDance teachers! *Use your Synergy card for this class too!*

Come one, come all… COME to all! We are so excited to experience Jason’s gifts again. Thank you for coming back to San Antonio JAG!


Our quarterly Drum and Dance Celebration is THIS SUNDAY, at 1:00pm. Talk  about PLAYING!!!! It is an absolute BLAST! Sign up here to reserve your place and save some $! 

Click here to sign up for the Ying/Yang Playshop!

Click here to read more about AMAZING!!!

Click here to sign up to DANCE and DRUM with us!

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Click here to explore!

Let’s get on with the work?! Kick up your heals and PLAY away my friends!


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