Raising the Vibration from a CELL-ular Level!











I find myself on the other side of an amazing experience that is imprinted in my cells, vibrating forever at a higher frequency.

I have been deep in the manifestation process of producing James Asher (CELL-ebrate musician extraordinaire) and Arthur Hull (Creator of Village Music Circles), for a fantastic commUNITY building Drum Circle Facilitation Playshop. It is truly a story of CONNECTION. From a cellular perspective, it is connective tissue from the inside out.

They traveled to San Antonio for the first time, from the UK and California, to grace us with their time, dedication and gifts. A fantastic week of sharing, dreaming, creating, and manifesting ensued.

It all began over 2 years ago, when I was choosing the music for an upcoming Nia routine. I was drawn to a CD by James Asher, called Drum Travel. One song in particular, ‘Hey Wanaina,’ held a deeper connection to my love of singing and chanting, as well as the Native American languages from my birth state of Oklahoma.

I wrote James’ website to inquire what the words meant in this beautiful song, and he wrote me back personally within 15 minutes!

James wrote, “I have no idea what the words mean. I do find when combined with music, there is a language resulting, which transcends literal meaning. I invite you to enter a similar space where reaching beyond literal words, we achieve an attunement to the heart where we can leave such details way behind. Best Wishes, James”

We have continued our conversations about music, dance, healing and heart connections to this day. Through the power of the internet, James suggested that we Skype when his dear friend Arthur Hull was visiting from California. The Skype conversation catapulted into more creative avenues, including James drumming live for our Nia FreeDance training in Wales, and a ‘triad’ collaboration of James, Arthur and me that resulted in a new CD released in February called ‘Drum Distillery.’

When asked about the possibility of the three of us getting together in San Antonio, I jumped at the opportunity!

From there, the tentacles of commUNITY grew…

We spent a week, traveling through the beautiful Texas Hill Country, spending time on the Blanco River in Wimberley, experiencing an amazing Drum Circle in Austin, and culminating in a weekend Drum Circle Facilitation Playshop in San Antonio with 27 participants, including Arthur, James and me.

The CONNECTION web grew even larger when we received notice that The Synergy Studio was given the ‘go’ for a non-profit 501(c)(3) arm, called The Synergy Studio Community. In less than three weeks, we raised enough financial support to fund 5 people for the weekend from our greater non-profit sector, allowing the healing power of drum circles to expand.

With Drum Circle Facilitators in place, The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute, SAMMinistries, Alpha Home, Haven for Hope, as well as Ft. Sam Houston, will now have people who can bring commUNITY and healing to these populations. Benefiting from CONNECTION to the drum beat of their heart, the heart of others, as well as the heart of Mother Earth, drum circles will be happening all over San Antonio!

What does this all mean from a deep cellular level? Our cells are microcosms of the Universe, spiraling in motion, changing moment to moment. Our cells are living organisms that are affected by our words, our actions, and our intentions. When we dance, when we drum, and even when we smile, our cells are affected. When we think positive thoughts, speak empowering words and share positive vibrations with others, we are healing from the inside out. WE are making a difference one body at a time, starting with ourSELF.

We can BE the change that we want to see in the world, if we go to that deep level of appreciation for each breath, each movement, each cell.

Raising the vibration, and BEing the change.

Deep love traveling your direction! Adelle





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