Is it a resolution or an intention?

I love setting intentions everyday. While we have the term “New Year’s Resolution”, a resolution means ‘a firm decision to do or not do something: the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.’ An intention is ‘a thing intended: an aim or plan.’ Doesn’t the word intention resonate differently, in a positive way?

Energy truly does follow intention, and when we give our ‘attention’ to a positive ‘intention,’ the energy flows that direction. This is the power of affirmations, of setting positive intentions on a daily, yearly and even moment to moment basis.

My word for the year… Transformation. As I look ahead to a year of Transformation, the known as well as unknown, I am reminded to take one breath. I take one breath of courage, and say my positive affirmation “Now I am transforming.” Set into motion with my breath, the ‘Transformation’ auto-magically happens. It happens moment to moment and my body is filled with life-force energy, love and courage to move forward.

How about you? What is your intention for this moment? For this day? For 2018?

I am sparkalating inside with excitement!

Take a breath and step in! BE the change.

Sparkalating with love, Adelle




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From the wise Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om…  Our destinies are one of the greatest assets we possess, so we serve ourselves well when we are careful to always make decisions that are reflective of both the values we hold dear and the goals we hope to someday accomplish. We should not let our tentative approach to potentially life-altering decisions interfere with our enthusiasm for those paths that lie untrodden, however.

Great care is most effective when paired with a sincere eagerness that ensures that we do not become paralyzed by uncertainty. We are willing to subject ourselves to choices that are challenging because we understand that there are wonderful rewards waiting for us in the future if we are willing to do what it takes to reach them. Today the caution with which we make decisions will help guarantee that our worldly endeavors will eventually be met with success.