How often do you practice something that is an integral part of your life? How often do you give conscious attention to this integral practice?

The power of practice continues to bring more clarity to my life on a daily basis. Isolating to integrate is not something I do and then release, saying “I got it.” Continuing to consciously practice every day is what keeps me on point. This week has been a perfect example.

One of the many practices from the Nia White Belt that are integral to my life is the awareness of my four energy allies. Not taking anything personally, not assuming anything, speaking impeccably, and always doing my best are present with me every day. Practicing them with consciousness sometimes takes an outside push.

Wednesday, I had three sibling millennials in my class who were new to the studio as well as new to Nia, one man and two women. Speaking impeccably, I set the focus for class and gave a 2 minute explanation of Nia, as we gathered in a circle. They were engaged and seemed excited to move with us. We danced the routine Humanity, as I did my best to deliver the Nia promise, a systemic, full body experience. We were moving, shaking and getting a great work-out.

Throughout class, the millennials would suddenly stop moving and go to the back of the room, pick up their phones, and start talking to one another. They would enter and exit the class randomly, laughing and chatting.  The good news? The rest of the class was fully engaged and not bothered by the disruption. Not assuming anything, I continued to teach a full-on class.

45 minutes into class, the millennials left. Did I take it personally? Absolutely not. After 20+ years of teaching and keeping my energy allies with me all the time, I know that I don’t know what they thought, whether they enjoyed class, or whether I will see them again at the studio. While I truly believe that Nia is for everyBody, I also know that people come to Nia when they are ready.

Did I feel sadness around a generation of adults who are so attached to their cell phones that an hour is difficult to let go and truly experience sensations in their body, and the healing power of movement? Absolutely.

Thursday morning came around along with one of my favorite classes to teach, Nia FreeDance at 9:15am. Three different millennials came to class, two who were brand new to Nia FreeDance. Guess what? They LOVED it, and want to include it in their weekly practice!

This morning, I taught Sanctuary, to a room full of lovely beings. Four were experiencing Nia for the first time, three of them visiting from New York and North Texas… and three of them were millennials! After class, the new students stayed after class, and we had an amazing conversation about Nia, the power of movement for healing, and the accessibility of this amazing practice for everyBody… every BODY when they are ready. Yesterday and today’s class of millennials were ready, and they loved the practice. They loved experiencing the magic healing medicine of Nia.

What I know from this week.. I spoke impeccably, did not assume anything, did my best, and did not take anything personally… all while delivering the Nia promise. Did it take 20+ years of teaching to get me there? No. It was giving conscious attention to a practice that is integral to my life, to my health and wellness as a human being.

We are given so many amazing practices in the Nia White Belt. They are true gifts for living, present with our greatest companion and best friend, our body.

Isolate to integrate… a PowerFULL practice.

With love and deep wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday!  Adelle