Happy Wednesday!

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Shaking IS medicine… for the body, heart and soul.

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I have been teaching CELL-ebrate this week, a routine I created for Nia Technique, and one that is available to watch and experience on NiaTV... anytime, and anywhere!

This week has been unique in my delivery. A letting go and truly flowing with MY Body’s Way, and listening to what MY body needs. It has been a personal testament to the power of Nia. An affirmative promise of Nia as a lifestyle practice for everyBODY.

My focus this week, ‘Shaking is Medicine’ has emphasized the importance of shaking our bones to release tension, activate the breath, and strengthen the density of the bones themselves. Beyond the physical, shaking moves emotion, opens spaces for creativity to flow, as well as gives an expansiveness to each individual, the essence of everyBODY.

CELL-ebrate is a routine with simple katas, organized choreography that is sequenced in patterns, as well as true freedom of movement we call Freedance.  A highpoint of this routine is its adaptability for people with movement issues…those in a wheelchair, dealing with injuries, as well as many other challenges that keep people away from ‘exercise.’ It is also a routine that can be enjoyed as a full body ‘workout’ by athletes, both young and old. AND, it can be experienced with all of these diverse populations in the same room, all moving with their bodies ability, with THEIR body’s way.

In this morning’s class, I had a young woman in her early 20’s experiencing Nia for the 2nd time, as well as many men and women of various ages and abilities, including one woman celebrating a 70+ birthday this week. ALL were experiencing Nia 5 Stages, Nia 52 Moves, Nia 7 class cycles,  in THEIR body’s way. ALL experienced the form and freedom of Nia in THEIR body’s way.

Everyone stayed after class to hear more about NiaTV, as well as bask in THEIR body’s sensation.

Nia IS truly for everyBODY. If we as teachers model the potential and possibilities, seeing everyone in their uniqueness and taking the time to be inclusive in our delivery, WE can increase the number of people who love this practice, as well as spread the gift of health and wellness to the world. Yes WE can.

WE can make a difference… one body, one smile, one person at a time… to BE the change.

Don’t hestitate… there is no time like the present.

With deep love, Adelle