What does it mean to be a man of Nia?

This last weekend was one of the most inspirational that I have ever experienced. I attended the ‘Men of Nia’ event in Santa Fe, where men from all over the United States gathered to teach Nia, and connect with one another in community. It was a beautiful balance of Yang and Yin, as the classes and workshops were equally attended by both men and women.

One evening, there was a panel discussion with 12 men who teach Nia. It was an incredible, honest, open and vulnerable exchange. I kept saying to myself, “THIS needs to be filmed.” I was not the only one who had that thought. It was an amazingly touching evening.

Nia was founded by both Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas. From the beginning, there was a balance of of both the masculine and feminine, with both of them contributing to the magic of the transformational lifestyle practice we call Nia.

Join me this week, as we dance some classics by Carlos, in honor of the first Man of Nia.

We need to open the door for more men to experience the healing power of Nia. The time is now.

BE the change.

With love, Adelle