Happy wet Monday friends! How about the rain?!

Yesterday in the 4:00 Nia class, I was teaching CELL-ebrate, and decided to put in another song from Spotify, giving the class a ‘mini’ Nia FreeDance class experience. We were dancing along, and I was giving pearls from Body, Emotions… and BOM! The music auto-magically changed.

I knew it was a mandate from Spirit when the song started out with, “Hokahey (Sioux for ‘Let’s do it’)” and then continued, “This Earth does not belong to us, WE belong to this Earth… We must take responsibility to make sure everything is healthy for the future of our children…”

Pearls came in from Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit, as we danced a rain dance for the Earth. It was palpable and POWERFUL.

Guess what??? It POURED rain this morning, giving our spot on Earth relief, here in sun-baked San Antonio, Texas.

Do you listen to your heart and intuition? To Spirit mandates that say, ‘Let’s do it!’? What if we lived from our heart brain and intuitive knowledge that is coded in our body… how would life change? What would we manifest?

Some say it’s ‘woo woo.’ It IS some ‘woo woo’ with a whole lot of truth… its the power of positive thinking. The power to change the energy that greets us everyday, with a positive affirmation. By starting the day with a positive affirmation, as if it has already happened, we set it into motion. Manifestation.

Now I Am… Powerful, Strong, Flexible, Peaceful, Happy, Agile, Mobile, Accepting, Inclusive, Flowing, Present, Grateful… the list is endless!

Bring your affirmation to class and let’s manifest! 

SEE you in class… Adelle

Nia: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am