Happy August my friends ! 
Are you ready to realign?! 💃🏻🕺

The pelvis, chest and head make up the Core of our body, where we contain, exchange, and direct the flow of energy.  In Nia, we incorporate movement of the pelvis, chest and head with pelvic circles, hip bumps, chest isolations, undulations, spinal rolls, shimmies + head and eye movements.  By incorporating all these movements, we keep our spine strong and healthy, and energy flowing through all seven chakras that are located along our mystic column.

As Nia reveals, one of the most beautiful things about living in a body is our ability to find healing and realignment through movement. By paying attention to the way we hold and use our three body weights, we can identify areas that need adjusting and make conscious “tweaks” to re-establish balance, alignment and power.

Take a look at these pictures for some inspiration to move your core! 

1. Weight of the head at these angles:

2. Where we started and where we are going! 

3. Sitting at your computer right now reading this… are you aware of your postural alignment? 

Join me in class this week as we move, shake, circle, undulate and realign, focusing on Principle #8, Core of the Body. Unlimited opportunities to strengthen the spine, let energy flow, and find the balance that we need to keep our core aligned and healthy. Our body is RESILIENT… AND, we have to dance it multiple ways to keep it flowing!

BTW, Hannah is in town this week, if you are interested in taking an amazing Pilates Reformer class… talk about core strength! Monday afternoon at 5:00, + Tuesday at 11:00 and 12:00. With only 4 reformers, sign up in advance! *Required for all of our classes at The Synergy Studio*

Welcome the RESILIENCE of your body, as we return to this beautiful routine, exploring the CORE of the body, Nia White Belt Principle #8. 

See YOU on the dance floor! ❤️❤️❤️ Adelle

Monday: Nia 9:15am

Tuesday: Tai Chi Sunrise in the Garden 8:30am

Wednesday: Nia 9:15am

Thursday: Nia FreeDance 9:15am + Yoga at Lunch 12:00pm

Friday: Nia 9:15am

All classes offered at The Synergy Studio + on Zoom. Go to the schedule page to sign up!