Breath and Movement™ and Presence of Breath™ are official Transformational Breath® Foundation introductory weekends that allow you to learn about the three levels of Transformational Breath®, the science of movement and breath, and experience how movement and presence enhance the breath. You will also enjoy five very powerful breathing sessions!

Transformational Breath® is a unique breath work which is a self-healing body-mind therapy that uses connected breathing in an intentional way. Through the power of your breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs, and subconsciously held patterns of suppressed energy are gradually released. You are able to not only let go of what you have been holding onto, but also transform and integrate the habitual thinking and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well. This amazing healing tool strengthens your body and mind, deepens your relationship with yourself, reduces anxiety and stress, and boosts your creativity.

In the weekends, we learn about our own unique breathing pattern, begin opening our breath, and feel dramatic shifts in the flow of our lives as a result; then progress into using the breath to clear negativity in the subconscious. We explore how Transformational Breath® clears cellular memory in a scientific way.

Breath and Movement™ weekend will dive into the
body’s way of moving, using experiential anatomy to sense the healing power of movement and enhance daily breathing, opening to full potential and possibilities of life. Learning simple, yet profound ways of moving our body to improve circulation, release endorphins and move energetic blocks, we will learn additional tools to aid in the body’s natural healing capacity. With increased awareness of our body and movement, we will become more present, living fully moment to moment.

Presence of Breath™ weekend is a dynamic event that highlights two very powerful integrative tools to give you insight into a deeper understanding of your Self and your world, allowing profound healing and change at the causal level. A basic understanding of the Presence Process journey is given along with some of the life-changing exercises from the book, The Presence Process by Michael Brown.  The ability to be more present and share our lives from the space of Presence is just one of the overall effects of these two dynamic tools coming together.

Breath and Movement™ weekend is coming to The Synergy Studio January 10-12, 2020 Click the link to sign up!

Presence of Breath™ will be at The Synergy Studio, in San Antonio, Texas, for two opportunities in 2020. March 19-21, 2020, the studio will host this amazing weekend, as well as May 15-17, 2020. Click the links to read more. Please email me directly with any questions!

In addition, I have a Transformational Breath® Personal Seminar coming to The Synergy Studio July 17-22, 2020! An amazing week just for YOU. Click here to read more.

To sign up and pay for the weekends and Personal Seminar in San Antonio, please send me an email,, and I will send a paypal link for you.

Please use this contact form to stay in touch, and I will get back to you about more upcoming dates for Transformational Breath®! Thank you!

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