‘Be the Change’ is one of my favorite mantras. It represents my passion for BEing, rather than just talking, complaining, blaming, or deflecting. BEing to me means taking responsibility, speaking up, and taking action.

On Friday, I was brought to my knees. Through our non-profit, The Synergy Studio Community, I was asked to teach a ‘Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness’ class as a guest instructor at one of our High Schools. Their amazing teacher had planned a beautiful early morning, enticing the young adults to arrive at school early, take the class with me, and then enjoy homemade overnight oats, fresh muffins and water.

I arrived at 7:15 am, and set up for the 7:30 class in the gym, where we were moved from our planned outdoor location, due to the weather. As the young people strolled in, ranging from 15-18 years old, I observed their body language and interaction. What I saw were ‘masked faces.’ While they all wore the required cloth masks, I observed expressionless eyes, no movement of their foreheads, no smizing, and no laughter. I sensed my tears welling up inside, as I felt the weight of the last year on these young lives. Delivering the promise of a great experience magnified in importance.

With an inspirational playlist, I taught the class led by spirit. I encouraged them to move, explore, breathe, sound, emote, create and express gratitude for their best friend, their body. As the 40 minute class progressed, I saw their faces mold, shape, smile, and their bodies morph into expressive movement. I heard sounding, laughter, and observed the exchange and interaction between friends. I saw children, BEing children. At the end of class, I encouraged them to set a focus as ‘peaceful warriors of love.’ They all let out a “Whoop!” Little did I know that their school mascot was Warriors! 🤩

I am more impassioned than ever. We are experiencing a re-emerging of life, as we crawl out of the last year of lock-down. As adults, we know how difficult the last year has been, personally, professionally, socially and otherwise. We have seen a lot of life and we know that there is light at the other end. It is time to turn our attention to the children and young people who need our encouragement, guidance, understanding, love and listening ears.

The Synergy Studio Community is moving forward with our mission, and I am more determined than ever to walk the talk, to BE the Change… taking responsibility, speaking up and taking action.

Join me. 🙏🏻

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Bring it on!