IGNITE! The new Nia Routine by master choreographer Ann Christiansen!

In Nia, we talk about the ‘5 Sensations of Functional Fitness.’ Bringing awareness of these five sensations into our daily life, we can activate them in any given moment. They are all present in our body. An acronym to remember them… FAMSS!

Flexibility… the sensation of energy moving out along the bones, opening and creating space for change. ♥️

Agility… the sensation of energy starting and stopping, like the movements of a child, quick and explosive. ♥️

Mobility… the sensation of energy in constant motion, flowing like a river; like the movement of every cell in our body. ♥️

Strength… the sensation of energy moving in, complementing Flexibility as muscles contract and we say, “Yes! This is my body!” ♥️

Stability… the sensation of energy moving in all directions, complementing Mobility. The mama of all sensations, stability allows us to stand upright, to reach out our hand, to dance, to walk, all without falling into gravity. ♥️

We can IGNITE these sensations not only in our body, but also in our emotions, our mind, and our spirit, keeping all 4 realms healthy and balanced.

As I am learning the magnificent new Nia routine by Ann Christiansen, I am focusing on these sensations, adding one or two every week. Adding a sensation(s), I am also adding one or two more songs to my playlist. Combining the unfamiliar with the familiar, creating ease in the student’s, as well as my realms. No rushing. No need to get it right. Lots of smiles, laughter and “Well, oops… let that go and freedance! We’ll come back to the movement when the teacher remembers it!”

It has been a magical way of incorporating this amazing routine into not only my body, but also the students’. I am cherishing seeing them learn the katas and many times cueing me with the next sequence. 

Sharing my creative process of the playlists below. enJoy! My wish for you is to IGNITE ease, smiles, laughter, grace, and armfuls of love! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Week one was all about Agility!
Week two? Complementary energies of Mobility + Stability!
This week is having fun with the complements of Flexibility + Strength!

Next week? IGNITE-ing the FUN of the routine, loose + tight!

IGNITE-ing Love… let’s BE the change! Adelle ♥️ ♥️ ♥️