“Breath and Movement” is an official Transformational Breath Foundation introductory weekend that allows you to learn about the three levels of Transformational Breath®, the science of movement and breath, as well as experience four very powerful breathing sessions.

“BaM” is a perfect way to explore both movement and Transformational Breath® with minimal commitment and maximum results. The weekend is designed for everyBody, with no previous knowledge necessary. Many take “BaM” prior to the other more intensive events (i.e. 6-day Seminar or Levels I – III on weekends).

We learn about our own unique breathing pattern, begin opening our breath, and feel dramatic shifts in the flow of our lives as a result; then progress into using the breath to clear negativity in the subconscious. We explore how Transformational Breath® clears cellular memory in a scientific way.
Breath and Movement™ will dive into the body’s way of moving, using experiential anatomy to sense the healing power of movement and enhance daily breathing, opening to full potential and possibilities of life. Learning simple, yet profound ways of moving our body to improve circulation, release endorphins and move energetic blocks, we will learn additional tools to aid in the body’s natural healing capacity. With increased awareness of our body and movement, we will become more present, living fully moment to moment.

Dates for upcoming Breath and Movement™ weekends:

The Synergy Studio, San Antonio, Texas
December 4-6, 2015

StudioNia Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
January 8-10, 2016

$299, early bird discount 30 days in advance;                                                 $350 within 30 days of the event

The perfect gift to yourself!

Adelle Brownlee Brewer is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator + Trainer, 1st Degree Black Belt Certified Nia Somatic Educator + Trainer, JourneyDance™ Facilitator, Reiki Sensei, and Professional Fiber Artist. She has been dancing and teaching in the field of art and somatic education for over 35 years.

Adelle offers workshops and presentations throughout the US and Mexico, as well as demonstrations for companies and special groups.

Adelle looks forward to moving and breathing with you in this special weekend! Something for everyBody!