Good evening Nia Friends!

Ahhhh!!! Smelling the moment of right here, right now. It has been a marvelous two weeks of learning, experiencing, and celebrating our amazing community, and four new Nia White Belts who graduated yesterday!

 Joanie and I are thrilled for you!

Karen, Loretta, Trish and Todd… Congrats!








In this moment, notice your breath, your PRANA, your life-force energy…

When your breath is deep, steady, and rhythmic, do you feel strong, calm, energized and secure?
When your breath is shallow, nervous, erratic, or rapid, do you feel uneasy, insecure, stressed, weak?

By bringing awareness to our breath as we dance through our day, we can relax, slow down, and bring ourselves to the present moment. Breath is our life force and has the power to heal us by simply doing what our body is designed to do.

Take a deep breath right now, and as you exhale sense how your shoulders and jaw slowly release. Take another deep, full, cleansing breath, and exhale using sound, ‘u’… ‘o’… ‘e’… ‘a’… ‘i’ What do you sense in your body? Is your mind more clear? More quiet?

Our breath is a wonderful tool we have available to us all the time… a tool that can still our mind, relax our body, and quiet our emotions.

We’ll focus on our Breath this week in our Nia class.  Just bring your body… your breath will come along too!

Time for PRANA!

Breathing with love, Adelle

Nia:  Tuesday 6:45am, Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am

Celebrating with our new Nia White Belts!