Happy Monday friends!

This morning, as I completed a 45 minute video from Yoga International, I relaxed into shavasana, and reflected on the experience. I was struck by the amazing support of my skeletal system.

With 206 bones constantly shifting and aligning to walk, dance, practice yoga, lift weights, sleep, or whatever else encompasses my day, I’m amazed at how my bones can move in so many directions… vertical, horizontal, and rotational. Bones inspire my 700+ muscles to push, pull, expand, contract, twist and turn, keeping them healthy, strong and flexible.

Moving from the bones provides the support from inside to out, underneath and behind, as we like to say in Nia.

206 Bones inspiring over 700 Muscles… endless potential and possibilities!

Nia White Belt Principle #10: X-ray Anatomy. 

I hope to see you in class this week, as well as in the Nia White Belt that Joanie and I have coming up! There is still time to sign up for June 9, 10, 11 + 23, 24, 25… 6 days just for YOU.  We only have one life this time around, and there are so many juicy, amazing ways to learn and connect to the greatest companion we have… our body!

PLEASE NOTE the time change for Tuesday morning! Consensus was to change the start time to 7:30am. Come on down to The Synergy Studio before the traffic kicks in!

With love,  Adelle

My classes this week:

Nia: Tuesday 7:30am, Wednesday 9:15am, Friday 9:15am

Nia FreeDance: Thursday 9:15am

Yoga: Thursday 12:00pm