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Continuing the thread of Mudita…

As Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh points out, even neutral experiences (the touch of the air on our skin, the fact that we have teeth to chew our food with and do not currently have a toothache) can be transformed into pleasant ones simply through the power of our attention.

To encourage this transformation, we can begin our mudita practice by formally “counting our blessings,” as my mother used to call it. In a silent inner litany, we can say “thank you” for the magnificent gifts of a healthy body: lungs that breathe the cool, foggy air; a nose that smells eucalyptus leaves and banana muffins; eyes that see hummingbirds swooping outside the window; a tongue that has just savored a golden, juicy peach. We can express gratitude for friends, family, the beautiful flowers in the garden, and the twitter of birds enjoying the morning sunshine. We can say thank you to the smallest of gifts… so many ways to take the practice of mudita into our daily life.

Fiona Winter and Adelle enJOYing a cup of… !

How about your body, your breath, your dance, your life?

A cup of mudita por favor!

Yes mame!

Loving you, Adelle